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Hideaway Bar & Grill feels just like it sounds, like a place to get away from it all in a low-key and laid-back environment with all of your Sacramento Party Buses friends. The convenient location for our travelers in the Florin area just makes it that much more ideal for you. They've got a juke box and pinball to keep you happy and they've got more than just the standard bar fare to offer you! The vegetarian options on the menu are a nice surprise and the good stiff drinks are even better. You'll love the friendly service and the overall welcoming vibe that you experience as soon as you walk in. Located at 2565 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95817, phone number (916) 455-1331.

We often tell our Sacramento Party Buses customers that a particular restaurant or bar is "the spot" to be, and in this case, that's the actual name of the place! The Spot is a real gem in the Florin area and our partygoers really appreciate this Laotian restaurant and sports bar. The menu is not huge but it is well-chosen and the food is absolutely delicious. We especially enjoy the kasoy and the kapoon. The papaya salad is a great starter and it's nice to share with friends too! The two large screen televisions are perfect for sports fans looking for a game-day fix! Find this one at 6048 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95824, phone number (916) 382-4247.

It's always nice to know where a great taqueria is when you're out with your Sacramento Party Buses friends in the Florin area. La Favorita Taqueria is in fact our favorite, and that's because they have such a clean and friendly atmosphere as well as a whole lot of delicious food to choose from. We love the salsa bar and we just love ordering their super burritos and their regular tacos. Everything's just so good! There's even a churro stand located right outside for an absolutely perfect (and cheap!) dessert. How fun is that for your party bus outings? Everybody loves it. Located at 5940 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95823, phone number (916) 391-5544.

Bandera gets really rave reviews from all of our Sacramento Party Buses customers who visit there during their Florin trips, and it's no wonder, with all of those amazing dishes that they serve! The House Smoked Salmon appetizer is one thing that we always make sure to order when we go there, and we tend to opt for the grilled fish entrees, but there is a huge array of things to choose from. The prime rib french dips are absolutely fantastic and we love the mashed potatoes colcannon! Even just the simple burgers are amazing! Plenty of room for groups and a full bar but no corkage fee should you decide to bring your own bottle of wine! Be advised, they do have a light dress code. Give them a call for details! Find them located at 2232 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95825, phone number (916) 922-3524.

Are you a burger lover? An aficionado of sports bars? A soon-to-be Sacramento Party Buses traveler in the Florin area? Then make it a point to visit Seasons 52 when you're out here with us, because you will find all of the things you love in one convenient package. It's located in a strip mall, sure, but don't judge this book by its cover. There are tons of TVs here so you can watch every hot game that's on TV at the very same time if you choose to. The happy hour tacos are really delicious here and the beer prices combine so well with that! Open til 2 every night! Found at 1689 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95815, phone number (916) 922-5252.

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