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Stoney Rockin Rodeo is a traditional American venue for music and alcohol. Here, you can always expect a smiling crowd to meet you! We love that they offer live music through out the week, karaoke, as well as deliciously prepared bar foods. The owners name is Kevin, and he's put a lot of work into making this a party destination for everybody in the Sacramento area. Be sure to ask the bartenders if they're currently running any specials on drinks when you decide to come in here. It's located at 1320 Del Paso Blvd Sacramento, CA 95815 phone number (916) 927-6023.

RJ's Happy Hour Club features affordable prices on drinks, as well as some of the most entertaining karaoke in the area. If you're just trying to catch the game, you're really going to enjoy their crystal clear flat screen televisions lining the walls. The hot wings are perfectly spiced, and we think you're really going to enjoy the hospitality that your waitress brings. The pool tables offer even more entertainment for those looking for a new spot to go to on the weekends. Find this one at 2001 Point W Way Sacramento, CA 95815, phone number (916) 929-8855.

For an intimate atmosphere for your next night out with friends, be sure to consider The Forbidden Orchid Tiki Lounge in the Sacramento area. This Tiki Lounge focuses on their varied drink menu, and you're certain to enjoy their rum centric drinks. The waitresses here are nice to all who walk through the doors, and everybody who comes here talks about returning. We love that they offer local music acts to check out for extra fun times. Be sure to check this spot out next weekend for a great time. Located at 3030 Mather Field Rd Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, phone number (916) 362-9151.

The Shisha Lounge is the go to spot for enjoying fresh hookah in the Hagginwood area of California. Here, you can count on an attendant constantly checking your coal to ensure you're having a good experience, as well as a diverse selection of different flavors to choose from. The hospitality that comes with your visit here is the reason why it's such a popular hang out with both young and old. We think you're really going to enjoy relaxing at this contemporary hang out for party people in the Sacramento area. You can find this gem at 1912 Fulton Ave Sacramento, CA 95825, phone number (916) 486-2569.

Plush Restaurant & Bar is an Italian Lounge with impressive food and interior design! You'll feel like you're in a fancy European town whenever you decide to eat and drink here. The new owners here go above and beyond to ensure you're having a good time in their restaurant. You can't go wrong with their calamari appetizer, buffalo wings, as well as the namesake plush burger. If you're watching your waist line, you'll be glad to know that they have a ton of different salad options to choose from as well. Tucked away at 1596 Howe Ave Sacramento, CA 95825, phone number (916) 285-5239.

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