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Happy Bar is a Karaoke Bar with some Bloody Mary style drinks that will have you impressed. The selection of songs here is another reason to choose this as your karaoke destination. The weekends here are always bustling with activity, and we can't get enough of the high quality food and drink options. The atmosphere is always inviting with the friendly patrons and wait staff. Thursday nights are another popular time for when you want to enjoy a lively atmosphere at this spot. It's located at 5236 Bradshaw Rd Sacramento, CA 95829, phone number (916) 361-0337.

On the Y is a bar that has a ton of karaoke options to enjoy, and it also doubles as a music venue. With all of these options rolled into one, you can bet that you're going to have a memorable night when you choose this at your bar hopping destination with friends. This is the perfect spot to take a party bus to! All of our customers have had fun at this spot, so we know you're going to enjoy it too. This dive bar has a lot to offer those who are trying to keep it affordable. Find this one at 670 Fulton Ave Sacramento, CA 95825, phone number (916) 487-3731.

Darna Hookah Lounge is another great spot for lounging with friends. When you want to escape the crowded bar scene of down town, this is the perfect refuge for you. The soft drapery that lines the walls is dimly lit, and it makes the atmosphere intimate and classy. The owners name is Idris, and he goes above and beyond to train his staff to provide an excellent experience. There are also belly dancers who come to perform here. The mellow vibe is sure to have you coming back again and again. Located at 907 Howe Ave Sacramento, CA 95825, phone number (916) 758-8181.

Capitol Beer and Tap Room is a pub with a lot of character. They offer free pretzels while you enjoy your drinks, and that's the extent of the food offered here. However, you can order food from next door to be delivered here, and that solves any hunger you might be having! We love when local businesses can work together to provide a top notch experience to everybody involved. There are all kinds of beers for you to enjoy here, so bring the pickiest of drinkers! You can find this gem at 2222 Fair Oaks Blvd Sacramento, CA 95825, phone number (916) 922-1745.

The Mushroom Lounge might sound like a place that Alice in Wonderland would frequent, but trust us when we say that you're going to enjoy all of the different drinks that are available at this down to earth dive bar. There's a juke box that has a ton of different music genres available for you to choose from, and that's only part of the reason why we think you're going to enjoy this local watering hole. All of the drinks are affordable as well, so be sure to try this hot spot for night life in the Sacramento area. Tucked away at 3637 S Port Dr Sacramento, CA 95826, phone number (916) 363-0302.

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